How to get rid of mildew

Mildew is a type of fungus that grows on damp surfaces, and it is commonly found in many houses. Most people have a difficult time telling the difference between mold and mildew. Although both are fungi that thrive in damp areas, molds are usually black or dark green, while mildew has a powdery appearance. When mildew starts to grow, it looks as if a whitish or greyish powder has been sprinkled all over the affected surface. As the mildew continues to grow, it typically turns orange or pink, and after some time, it turns black. Mildew tends to thrive in places with high humidity, and it can pose various health risks to you and to other members of your household. Mildew has been linked to several conditions, including, respiratory illnesses and skin diseases. Mildew can destroy the structure of your house and the aesthetic value of your living space. For these reasons, it is necessary for you to take steps to prevent a mildew infestation from occurring in your house.