7 household tips to make your life easier!

I’m always looking for cool tips and things that make my life easier. Send any great tips you have my way! Today I’ve rounded up 7 household tips to make your life easier. YEA! Are you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Yeah… I was too.

7 household tips

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Easiest Way to Hang a Picture that has two Hooks

If you need to hang a picture or small shelving box on the wall and it has two hooks, save yourself the trouble of having to patch anumber of errant nail holes later by using this simple trick and getting it right the first time! Use a piece of tape to make hanging pictures a breeze. (source)

Color Code your Keys with Different Colors of Nail Polish

How many times have you stood at the door, heavy bags of shopping cutting into your hands, trying key after key, to finally get inside with the last key? Put those bottles of nail polish to a practical use and it will also save you from the extra expense of getting specially marked keys from the key cutter.


Use a Wipes Holder to Store Plastic Bags

Simple, keeps them tidy and easy to use. You can also cover it in wraping paper or contact to make it look more attractive too.

Use a Cupcake Holder to Organize your (or your Kids) Craft Supplies

When it comes to craft every bit of organisation helps. When it comes to kids and craft, times that by a factor of ten!

Create Paint Sticks to Record Paint Colour & Details

Keep the wooden stirrers you used to mix the paint, let them dry, and then write the names and numbers of the colours on the ends. Drill a small hole and use a piece of string to keep the paint sticks sorted by room. Later when you’ve forgotten what it was and you need to patch a small spot you’ll be able to match the colour precisely.

Remove Nail Polish with a Magic Eraser and Nail Polish Remover

Somehow nail polish tends to last longer where you don’t want it than where you do! Use this tip to clean it off effectively. (source)

Make a Holder for Charging your Phone from a Bottle

Why not create an attractive and practical way to keep your phone charged while also keeping it and its fragile cord safe from being accidentally trodden on. This holder can be made from things you probably already have lying around at home. (source)