Getting Your Property Ready for Sale

When you are looking to sell your property, you should do your part to ensure that you get a good price for it and that it doesn’t stay in the market for too long. Here are some simple things that can make all the difference when you are trying to hook prospective buyers.

Getting all your paperwork ready

The first thing you should do is to get all your documentation in order as you prepare to list your property on the market. At some point in the process of selling the house, your agent, your prospective buyers, your accountants, and your lawyers are going to need to see one type of document or the other, so you should ensure that you have everything in one place. Documents including copies of the property deed, tax and mortgage bills, and even utility bills should be properly filed for easy access. If you have any pending issues with the city or any legal matters that involve the property, you should make sure that they are all settled, and that you have the documentation to prove it.

Picking a reputable real estate agent

There are very many real estate agencies around, so you won’t have a difficult time getting in touch with one. Since you have lots of options, this gives you a chance to compare rates and commissions before you can decide which one to work with. Some people decide to forgo representation altogether and instead list their own property on online platforms. This is ok if you know your way around the real estate business, but hiring an agent at a reasonable commission can save you a lot of time and energy.

Repairing and replacing old or broken things around the house

You certainly don’t want your prospective buyers to get the impression that your property is falling apart, so you should make sure that everything in the house is aesthetically pleasing and functional. You should repaint the rooms, and if possible, you should redecorate. Make sure that there are no leaky taps in the kitchen or bathroom, no cracked tiles, no burned out bulbs, and certainly no broken door knobs.

Cleaning the interior and exterior till everything is spotless and sparkling

Before you let potential buyers anywhere near the house, you should make sure that every inch of the house has been thoroughly cleaned, and that the house looks as good as it possibly can, both on the inside and the outside. Even a thin film of dust or a tiny stain can prejudice some buyers, so you should spare no cost when it comes to cleaning and organising the house. In fact, it’s advisable to hire a commercial cleaner to ensure that the entire property is cleaned in a meticulous and professional way. Make sure you request some estimates from professional cleaning companies near you. Spending cash on commercial cleaners is worth it if it means that more buyers will be interested in your property as a result. As for the exterior of the house, you should ensure that the lawns are neatly mowed, the leaves are raked away, and the walkways are scrubbed clean so that they are free from mud or dust. A full-service commercial cleaner will be able to deal with all those problems in one swoop. The outside of the house is the first thing that buyers see, so it would be self-defeating if you were to clean the inside and neglect the exterior of the house. It’s important to remember to maintain the standards of cleanliness of the house for the entire time that’s in the market. To make this possible, you can hire a commercial cleaner to come in and tidy up the place at regular intervals, or before open house events.

Staging the property for prospective buyers

Staging a property means organising and arranging things so that the property is as presentable as possible. When staging a house, you want to de-clutter it so that it appears to be spacious. You should also keep personal things out of site because the new buyers would like to picture themselves as the occupants of the house. People also tend to pay a lot of attention to the bathroom, so you should ensure that it is clean, fresh, and without any odours. The smell of baked goods in the kitchen or a freshly cut flower in a vase can really help a buyer to emotionally connect with the property. The house is now ready to be seen by potential buyers. If you are still living in it, coordinate with your agent so that the property is shown to prospects when you are out.