Innovative Design helps Boutique Wine Businesses to Market

After successfully refining and tinkering with wine making or brewing as a hobby, (and many tastings later), many passionate amateur vintners and home brewers are taking their beverages to market. Surprisingly, one of the biggest challenges boutique wine businesses must deal with is the labelling of their wine bottles. Many of them have to outsource the labelling to other companies, and this often comes at a high cost. In this story about how the Tumut River Co guys grew their fledgling business from the tiniest brewery in the southern hemisphere to a significant part of the Tumut River township and even a tourist destination. Finding the right solution for their labelling was a significant turning point. The Tumut River Co made use of the innovative print and apply solution from Great Engineering, an Australian-based company that makes bottle label applicators and Epson Printers. With this set-up, boutique wine businesses can now print and apply high-quality labels onto their bottles themselves, reducing costs and increasing their ability to respond to the market.

If you are looking to expand your boutique business to the market, here’s what you need to know about the innovative bottle labelling equipment from Great Engineering. Types of bottle label applicators Great Engineering sells bottle label applicators under the “Bench” brand

9 Window Treatments To Slash $$ Off Your Power Bills

Windows provide a lot of valuable contributions to your home, views, light, ventilation, but they also are responsible for the biggest wastage of energy. Glass is a very poor insulator as it naturally conducts heat through it and windows have been estimated to account for around 25 percent of all wasted energy nationwide and 10 percent of carbon emissions. Although many window treatments and coverings are put in place for aesthetic reasons, privacy and security, with a bit of know-how they can be a wise investment to effectively block the transfer of heat when temperatures are peaking, keep your house more comfortable, conserve energy and keep your power bills lower. The following are different types of window treatments that can help reduce your energy bills High reflectivity window films These films are designed to block sunlight and prevent heat gain during the summer. Their functionality is determined by a number of factors, including the climate of the area, the orientation of the building, and the size and the orientation of the windows.

How to Save Energy and Reduce Utility Costs


You should also ensure that your heating ducts are covered with heavy layers of insulation because uninsulated ducts can waste a lot of heat. Wherever there are openings that can allow warm air to leak out during the winter, ensure that you take steps to seal them. In the cold seasons, you should weather-strip all your entrances and caulk all the openings in your windows. Make sure your window coverings are thick and seal at the edges to trap a pocket of air to insulate the windows and keep the warm air in at night. Make sure you get into the habit of closing them each night too. Also think about how to keep the sun from coming in the windows in the warmer months to lessen the need to turn the air conditioner on. Invest in energy efficient appliances You should pay attention to the energy ratings of appliances when you buy them.

7 household tips to make your life easier!


I’m always looking for cool tips and things that make my life easier. Send any great tips you have my way! Today I’ve rounded up 7 household tips to make your life easier. YEA! Are you wondering, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Yeah… I was too. 7 household tips Click on the source to find original tutorial. Easiest Way to Hang a Picture that has two Hooks If you need to hang a picture or small shelving box on the wall and it has two hooks, save yourself the trouble of having to patch anumber of errant nail holes later by using this simple trick and getting it right the first time! Use a piece of tape to make hanging pictures a breeze. (source) Color Code your Keys with Different Colors of Nail Polish How many times have you stood at the door, heavy bags of shopping cutting into your hands, trying key after key, to finally get inside with the last key?